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5 Natural Supplements For Brain Health

A lot of people have become interested in brain supplements as most of them are now realizing the health importance of brain for an individual’s long-term health. There are so many things that contribute to the decrease in the health of the brain such as stress, aging, as well as poor nutrition among others.

The use of brain fitness and supplements helps to improve your brain’s health and also its ability to perform in alertness, memory, as well as focus. These supplements are also known to help improve a student’s test score, and they are also legal.

How Safe Are Brain Supplements

There are varieties of brain supplements available in the market, and with the help of a little research, you can easily get to know the best in the market. The numerous brands of these supplements that are available also make it easy to fall for one of those produced by companies that are simply out there to make quick bucks, therefore it is of great importance that you are aware of the exact things to take note of in them.

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Good brain health is not a magical solution, and there is no quick fix to it. Keeping a good active lifestyle has a significant effect on you mental function, as well as proper nutrition. Most right brain supplements contain some essential vitamins that are necessary for having good brain function, alertness, and memory.

Therefore, brain supplements shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for living an active and healthy lifestyle but rather as an addition to it since its use alone cannot guarantee the improvement of memory and focus. Taking part in regular healthy exercise plays a significant proportion in the health of the brain and brain supplements only helps to assist it in a limited way.

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A good brain supplement should contain ingredients that achieve the following goals:

• Improve the memory or the parts of the brain that are responsible for ideas, thoughts, etc.

• Improve concentration/focus/attention

• Improve the overall physical health of the brain

What a Good Brain Supplements Should Contain

The supplements should contain some ingredients that will help to strengthen / build /repair tissues according to Ray Sahelian, MD. This is needed so as to help improve the physical health of the brain. The brain is made up of proteins. Therefore it should be made up of amino acids that build up to form the protein. The proteins in the brain are put together from what we eat and consume.

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Also, the ingredient that elicits the release or production is also required for the supplements. This helps to improve memory. Ingredients that achieve this are quite numerous, and with the support of a bit of research, these parts can be easily obtained.

Lastly, for the supplement to be able to improve focus, concentration, and attention, the elements that give some form of stimulant is required. A lot of ingredients that does this are also quite numerous, but lots of manufacturers only go for the use of caffeine. The reason for its choice is because it is accepted as being safe by a lot of people, and also common enough that a lot of individuals do not experience side effects with it.

Top 5 Natural Brain Supplements


Citicoline is one of the best brain boosters that you can get. This particular brain supplement is less known when compared to other natural supplements of the brain. It is a naturally occurring compound that is available in almost every single cell that is found in a person’s body.

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Citicoline plays a vital role in improving blood flow to the brain, and it also influences the ability of the brain to change throughout one’s life.

Cur Cumin

This particular compound is usually referred to as nutritional “Gold” for the brain. It is a brain supplement that increases the rate of blood flow to the brain just as effective as physical exercise would do. It also provides protection to the brain in some ways.

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However, you should not that Cur cumin has some possible side effects when it is used as a supplement. Then can also interact with drugs such as aspirin, diabetes drugs, among others.


This particular compound is a constituent of amino acid which increases both physical and mental health. When this supplement is used correctly, it helps to improve the person’s focus, mood, memory, as well as mental clarity. Apart from these, it also reduces the rate at which the brain ages.

Acetyl_L Carnitine Supplement Bottle

Acetyl-l-carnitine is however relatively safe to use. There are only a few side effects recorded to this supplement. But there are some reports that it interferes with the thyroid hormone. Therefore it is best recommended that individuals with a low thyroid should be aware of this.


Just like most other brain supplements, this compound also increases the supply of blood to the brain, which ensures the constant delivery of oxygen, glucose, as well as nutrients to the brain. This supplement also has a way of reducing stresses.

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Alpha GPC

This compound is a form of choline. Choline is one of the essential nutrients that are required for the development of the brain and brain cells and the formation of neurotransmitter. It is well known around the world as a kind of memory supplement.

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