Benefits of Good Posture

5 Ways Your Posture Can Change Your Life

Recent research findings show that about 80% of the people in the world encounter some form of back problem in their lifetime. There are varieties of things that might result in back problems ranging from an unhealthy diet, bad posture, to more serious issues such as injuries. This article will elucidate 5 ways your posture can change your life.

Now, What Does The Word “Posture” Mean?

According to, “Posture is the location in which you hold your body against gravity while standing or lying down.” It was further stated that it “entails training the body to perform activities in positions where there is a reduced strain on supporting muscles and ligaments during movement or object- lifting activities.”

Good And Bad Postures

Why do we Tend to Develop a Bad Posture?

The accepted answer to this is that your body tends to adapt itself to the repetitive movements, gravity, positions and cultural patterns. What this infers is that anytime you are working on your computer and you are in a rather weird position, your posture further deviating from that of a good one.

So ensure that you sit up straight, with your shoulders back, and benefit from the 5 amazing effects that a good posture has on your life.

1. Feel Energized

Anytime you are feeling tired at home or work; you will probably feel like sinking into your chair so as to let you body rest. Meanwhile, the opposite of this occurs in the real sense. The muscles of your body are working real hard so as to keep you up. A good posture is just exactly what your body needs and it is also the most efficient for your body.

Sitting Posture

Keeping a good attitude means more energy to the body and it also reduces fatigue. It also translates to about 30% more oxygen for your body. So therefore anytime you are feeling tired at work, or you are grasping for breath after going through some rigorous work, you should only remember to keep a good posture by keeping your back straight.

Better yet, get a stand up desk!​

2. Less Anxiety And Pain

Maintaining a good posture is an excellent way to keep your joints and back from being unnecessarily stressed. It is a very healthy way of keeping your body from back pains and future injuries. Anxiety usually leads to a rapid and shallow breathing, also accompanied with pressure in the chest area. Anytime you are slumped down, it reduces the efficiency of your lungs, and they are not being used to their optimum capacity.

Furthermore, keeping a good posture will open up your airways which will give room for proper circulation, which therefore reduces pressure and anxiety.

3. Gives You a Sexier Look

Whenever you come across an individual that possesses an excellent posture irrespective of the level of their fitness, you tend to link this kind of person with confidence. Apparently, someone who is confident won't be found walking about aimlessly or sitting hunched over.

A good posture will give a tremendous boost to your appearance. You can check out how people stand, walk, and sit, and the things that you think about them. You will be marveled at how much difference a good posture makes in the way you are seen and addressed by others. The way your standing position is alone describes a lot to the people around you.

Enjoy Your Good Posture

A bad posture on the other hand only makes you look bad. It could unnecessarily protrude your belly forward which therefore gives the impression that you are bigger than your average size. Therefore if you intend to leave an excellent impression of yourself with the opposite sex, then you need to work on yourself on getting a good posture.

4. Makes You Feel More Confident

It is no doubt that if you are feeling sexier and also more energized, naturally your confidence level increases reasonably. You can carry out a simple test on yourself by slouching down in your chair for about 20 seconds while also being conscious of how you feel.

After this has being done, then you should sit with your shoulders back, back straight, and your heads up while also taking note of the way you feel in this new position. Now compare the feelings that you get in those two postures that you had subjected yourself to.

Smile With Confidence

Even if you do not feel much difference after carrying this out, the other people around you will certainly see you as more confident. And once this occurs, you will also start to get more confident about yourself.

5. Makes You Smile More

An individual who has a good posture feel happier than people who have grown with the habit of a bad posture. It also reduces your pain, provides you with more energy than you can think of, and also make you feel much more confident.

The issue of your posture might be seen as a minor issue, but it is a subtle step in your transformation that can yield significant results. As we all know that some of the things can have the biggest impact on our lives.

Proper Posture Benefits

In summary, keeping a good posture helps you to keep your bones as well as your joints in their correct alignment which contributes to decrease the abnormal wearing of the surfaces of the joints and ultimately reduces joint pain.

It also contributes to reducing the stress on your muscles and joints, which allows them to work more efficiently. The need for every individual to keep a good posture cannot be overemphasized as it goes beyond what a lot of people think about it.

You should also note that there is almost no one on this planet that cannot keep a good posture. According to Loretta Young, “Unless some misfortune has made it impossible, everyone can have good posture.”

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