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Guide To Bio-hacking For Beginners

Bio-hacking is the new trend in town and it has certainly received a lot of attention. As the name suggests, bio-hacking is when you combine biology with hacking. The process is an ingenious way for people to hack their bodies to achieve certain goals.

While the concept is still relatively new, bio hacking is a term that is becoming more and more popular. Rest assured we have compiled this easy to understand guide that will help you learn more about the process:

What is Bio-Hacking

Bio-hacking is the process of managing an individual’s biology using nutritional, medical, electronic techniques. With the use of sophisticated technologies, it is possible for us to hack into our intricate mechanisms to benefit our needs.

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Some of the most common bio-hacking methods include:

  • Consuming a nootropic to develop intelligence, memory and focus.
  • Installing DIY body improvement devices such as magnetic implants.
  • Using cybernetic devices to keep track of biometric data.
  • Conducting advanced gene sequencing at home or in a lab.

Generally speaking, bio-hacking consists of a variety of techniques that help manage your body. It largely follows the concept that everything in our bodies has a significant impact on our life and how we feel. Thus, to gain better outputs such as better memory, superior athletic performance and better focus, it is integral we improve our inputs.

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What Can You Hack

Here are few ways you can bio-hack your life:

  • Hack your Age - Growing old does not mean you have to dampen your spirits and let your dreams decline with age. One can actually feel young by optimizing and balancing hormones levels, opting for supplements, altering your gene expression to give your body an unusual and unnatural set of advantages that drastically improve your aging game.
  • Hack your Thoughts - It is pretty simple: positive thoughts attract positive things in your life. The limits you have are all inside your head. Fortunately, you can improve your thoughts. Desires, memory, cognition and emotions are all areas that can be hacked. Changing your perspective and altering the way you think can have a significant impact on your life.
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  • Hack your Diet - This is something you are probably aware of. Your diet plays a key role in improving or deteriorating your health, performance and overall wellbeing. This is practically one of the most concrete reasons why athletes and dancers pay close attention to their diet. What you eat directly affects your mood, energy levels, hormones and much more. If you want to perform your best, you will have to upgrade your diet and hack your diet. Identify all your deficiencies and opt for a balanced diet that is rich the major food groups, along with all sorts of vitamins and minerals.
  • Hack your Brain - The human brain is perhaps the most brilliant yet complex part of a human’s anatomy. The brain consists of several pieces that play together to create one harmonious neuro symphony. There are several areas of the brain that can hacked and improved to achieve more desirable results in your work, relationships, training, etc. By incorporating nootropic supplements and brain-power enhancing drugs, you can significantly improve the performance of your brain. This will give you a greater edge in life and will help you succeed.
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Generally speaking, our overall health can dramatically enhance our performance, making nootropics as fast and easy way to improve our overall lives. With the help of technology, it has now become possible for us to hack into your brain’s chemistry can completely change our life.

Top 3 Hacks

Here are a few bio-hacks that you can certainly benefit from:

  • Track your Yourself - It is time you measure and manage to create a deeper understanding of yourself through numbers. There are tons of ways you can do so. At a beginner’s level, you can start by measuring your food inputs and then see what impact it has on your physical performance or mood. Start by maintaining a food journal or track your workouts. It is recommended you opt for an area you are already proficient in such as lifting, running, etc. and then find a tracking app for it.
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  • Intermittent Fasting - By skipping certain meals and eating the meals during the same timeframe each day, your body is likely to burn more calories. When you are fasting, your body utilizes fat storage to create energy since you have not recently consumed a meal that can be broken down for energy.
  • Track your Sleeping Pattern - Use apps to track your sleep patterns. Take the time out to understand and interpret your sleeping pattern. Do not forget to add conditions such as a night out or late night project. Studying and understanding your sleeping pattern will help you figure out ways to maximize your sleep. Plus it’s no secret that a good night’s rest prepares the body for the next day and also removes toxins from the brain.

Benefits of Bio-Hacking

Bio-hacking can prove to be life-changing for those who suffer from mental disabilities. Countless research suggests that this technique can have a great impact on treatment. Additionally, bio-hacking can boost dopamine and serotonin levels in the blood.

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These feel-good hormones are known for improving moods. Some other notable advantages of bio-hacking is that it increases long term productivity and memory which in turn have a positive impact your health, body and mind.

Bio-hacking is brilliant way to develop an understanding of your body and the processes happening inside. With just a little effort, bio-hackers can break free from the traditional limitations for science and make great progression in changing their own biology for the better.

Hopefully, this short guide will help you gain a comprehensive understanding about bio-hacking, it benefits and its many types.

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