Fish Oil for Brain Health

Fish Oil For Brain Health

Fish oil has long been known as a super nutrient, packed full of omega-3 fatty acids that are great for our health. Fish oil is often hailed for its powers in heart health and reducing inflammation in our joints, and even recently improving ocular health too, but one of its most powerful impacts can be found in our brains.

Considering our brains are a vital organ for almost every single bodily function and thought that we have, their health and longevity are crucial to how well we live our lives. Our brain functions cover everything from memory to mood, so their health is essential both now and in the long term.

Although the powers are far reaching for fish oil, taking a supplement alone won’t allow you to get the very best benefits for your body. Regular daily exercise and a sensible, balanced diet should be used in conjunction with fish oil tablets to ensure the very best health for your mind and body.

Why Is Fish Oil Good For The Brain?

Fish oil contains a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids and DHA, which are essential and unsaturated, but our bodies don’t have the ability to make them themselves. Researchers believe that fish oil impacts the brain by targeting areas used for critical thinking and memory, making it the ideal brain food.

Regulate Your Weekly Intake of Fish Oil

Our cognitive functions which are affected by DHA-rich foods such as fish are responsible for most of our daily actions, such as walking and talking, so they’re extremely important to keeping healthy. Many people focus more on their physical health and exercise, but neglect to see their brain as the vital organ it is.

Fish oil for brain health has had numerous reports and results which show a strong connection, so it’s simply a matter of getting your recommended weekly intake up so that you can benefit too. Without the adequate serving, your brain will be deficient in the nutrients it needs to function and will only allow you to operate at a compromised rate.

How Much Fish Oil For Brain Health Is Enough?

While many of us are already aware of the numerous benefits that fish oil and omega-3 fatty acids can have on our health, there are still many people suffering from a deficiency in this nutrient. Americans, in particular, find it hard to consume large amounts of the cold water fatty fish that helps with brain power as we don’t have access to fresh fish usually.

These deficiencies make it hard to get the recommended amount, and so often a supplement is required to boost levels. With just one or two serves of fish a week and a regular fish oil capsule, you’re able to get all of the amazing benefits of this ingredient and improve your brain health phenomenally.

Brain Power Fish Oil Capsules

The Mediterranean diet followed by Europeans has been shown to have great effects on brain health, as they enjoy a range of seafood with a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables. Their proximity to the ocean makes this achievable, so the need to take fish oil supplements is often highlighted more in America.

Fish Oil For Brain Function and Memory

There are a number of ways in which fish oil for brain health has been proven, with this wonder food able to do the following:

  • Improve memory and reduce risk of Alzheimer’s

One of the most important benefits that fish oil for brain function has is within our memory.A study into the effects of fish oil on brain function found that participants in a trial who took regular fish oil supplements scored higher on their memory tests than those who did not, and were also less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

Old Lady With Alzheimers

  • Reduce ADHD symptoms

A 2015 study found that when given to patients with ADHD with their regular medication, fish oil was able to reduce some of the symptoms. This mainly referred to the patient’s ability to concentrate, however, it wasn’t fully conclusive on other areas such as aggression.

  • Boost your mood

Not only can fish oil boost your mood on a regular day, but it can also be powerful enough to help those suffering from long-term mental conditions. A study into the effects of omega-3 in relation to bipolar disorder found that when coupled with standard prescription treatments, those who took fish oil regularly experienced fewer mood swings over the four month period.

Keeping your brain active is just as important, so regular reading or crossword puzzles should be performed to exercise your mind. A regular fish oil supplement, nutritious diet, and exercise for both body and mind are all you need to keep your brain functioning at its full capacity.

The Other Benefits Of Fish Oil

Not only does fish oil have huge benefits for your brain function, but it helps with other areas of the body too. Thanks to the long chain fatty acids found in the oil, they can also prevent and treat heart disease, lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and assist with rheumatoid arthritis.

Considering the huge range of benefits you can receive from just one ingredient, it makes sense to incorporate the recommended amount of fatty fish or a quality fish oil supplement into your diet. Always use a fish oil supplement with quality ingredients and one that has been purified and processed to remove dangerous levels of mercury and other contaminants first.

As one of the most important parts of our body, it makes sense to take care of our brains the best we can. By keeping active in both body and mind, and following a balanced diet full of omega-3 fatty acids you’re giving your brain the very best chance of a long and healthy life.

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