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Fish Oil for Kids: What are the Benefits and Side Effects

Have you ever wondered if fish oil for kids is a good idea? The easiest way to think about it is like this: you know that everyone should eat two to three servings of fish per week. Why wouldn’t a child also need that level of great omega-3s? Here’s everything you need to know about fish oil for children.

The Benefits of Fish Oil for Children

According to American Pregnancy, Omega-3s are important for early development of children both neurologically and visually. However, the western diet tends to be very deficient in these nutrients – especially for kids.

One of the elements of fish oil, DHA, is considered very important for brain development. In fact, expectant mothers who take it can have lower risks in their pregnancy and can overall improve the health of their child when it’s born.

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Consider one study in which women were given bars that either contained DHA or a placebo and ate them five times a week starting when they were 24 weeks pregnant.

When their children were nine months old, they were tested and the babies with whose mother’s ate the DHA-enriched bars scored better on numerous tests involving problem solving.

Fish Oil for Kids May Prevent or Treat Behavioral Problems

Kids who have behavioral problems like ADHD often have fewer red blood cell levels of omega-3s. Taking a daily supplement can help normalize these levels and improve their behavior in several ways including:

  • Reducing hyperactivity
  • Reducing impulsivity
  • Improving their attention span

There are currently studies being done to see what effect fish oil has on children with Autism or Asperger’s syndrome. Some studies have shown that when given supplements, their learning skills and language skills improved.

Recommended Daily Fish Oil Dosage for Children

Note that the exact daily fish oil dosage for each child will vary based on their age, weight, and the other medications they take. The best option is to consult with their pediatrician. However, here are some guidelines that should give you an idea of how much fish oil most kids should take.

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First of all, understand that these dosage amounts are based on the total amounts of both EPA and DHA in the fish oil. This information should be listed on the ingredients section. You’re looking for a product that has both EPA and DHA.

For kids who are four to eight years old, a dosage of 1,000 – 1,500 mg of EPA and DHA is a good place to start. This means that if the product had 750 mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA the total amount would be 1,250 EPA. For older children, a good dosage is between 2,000 and 2,500 mg.

What’s The Best Fish Oil for Children’s Health

The use of fish oil is gaining in popularity and as a result you’ll find plenty of fish oils marketed specifically for children. They often come in fruity flavors and are even in chewable or gummy form. While at first glance these may seem like great options, there are usually a few issues with them.

First of all, children’s doses typically only have between 200 and 400 mg of EPA and DHA in each pill. If you want to make sure they get as much fish oil as they need, then they’ll have to take up to a dozen pills per day. No matter how tasty those gummies may be, your kids will get sick of it.

Second, there’s the cost. Anytime a product is marketed specifically for kids it’s likely to be more expensive than the adult version. This is simply the way marketing works. Not to mention the fact that your child is taking up to a dozen a day – you could be spending $100 a week just on fish oil.

Finally, consider that one of the main issues with almost all fish oil supplements is that famous fishy aftertaste. They might taste fine going down but if they lead to a fishy aftertaste, your child is not likely to keep taking them for long.

Brain Power+ Fish Oil Capsules

The Best Fish Oil for Children

Now that you know what you’re not looking for in a fish oil pill for children, let’s cover what you should look for. First of all, Brain Power+ offers an Omega-3 fish oil pill that meets every condition we’re about to list. Keep reading for your own info or go ahead and order it.

Here are the key facts that make our product the best possible fish oil for kids:

  • Our supplement has no fishy aftertaste. None at all! That’s because we put it through a hot steam process that removes most of that smell. Other companies simply add things – we take it away. This makes it much more likely that kids are going to be willing to take it on a daily basis.
  • Each one contains 1500 mg of EPA and DHA. As a result, most kids will only need to take one and younger kids can take just half a pill daily.
  • Many parents are understandably concerned about potential contaminants in the fish oil they give to their children. We make our fish oil from anchovies, which, due to the fact that they aren’t bottom dwellers and they have a short lifespan, have virtually no containments.
  • We further distill our supplements for potency, purity, and to deodorize them. The final product is below any detectable levels of contaminants or heavy metals.
  • Over 50 doctors across the US have recommended our Brain Power+ fish oil formula over other supplements. Why? Because we’ve had our product put through rigorous lab testing. Our formula was created by doctors and scientists – and it shows.

Are you ready to give it a shot? The good news is that you can do so without a speck of risk. Take advantage of our 100% money back guarantee. Buy these fish oil pills and if you don’t like them – or your child doesn’t – just send them back for a refund.

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