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Foods with Vitamin B: Are You Getting All Your Requirements Met

Once you realize how important B vitamins are to your overall health, your next step is likely to figure out where you can get good sources of vitamin B in your food. The truth is that it can be very challenging to get everything you need just by eating them.

Foods with Vitamin B

There are actually eight B vitamins so in order to get all your B vitamins from foods you have to concentrate not just on one type of food but you must find foods for each of the eight B vitamins. Here are all eight of them and corresponding foods that are rich in each of them.

B1 – Thiamine – Whole grains, beans, kale, wheat germ, peanuts, spinach, blackstrap molasses.

B2 – Riboflavin – Almonds, milk, Brussel sprouts, soybeans, wild rice, yogurt, and spinach.

B3 – Niacin – Red meat, eggs, beans, milk, green veggies, yeast.

B5 – Pantothenic Acid – Yogurt, avocados, legumes (beans), and eggs.

B6 – Pyridoxine – Turkey, tuna, salmon, cheese, brown rice, carrots, chicken, lentils, and sunflower seeds.

B7 – Biotin – Yeast, pork, liver, egg yolks, barley, chicken, fish, cauliflower, nuts, and potatoes.

B9 – Folate (many people know it as folic acid which is the name for the synthetic version of B9) – Asparagus, milk, bulgur wheat, beets, salmon, root vegetables, dark leafy veggies, and beans.

B12 – Cobalamin – Dairy, eggs, beef, pork, fish, and shellfish. Note that while vegetarians can get B12 from eggs, vegans have no natural sources of B12. All vitamin B12 sources are animal based. However, our vegan supplement does contain the recommended daily value of B12.

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Can You Get Your Daily Recommended Dosage Via Vitamin B Foods

Is it possible to eat foods with B vitamins and get your total daily recommended dosage? It is possible but it can be very difficult. Just look at the list above of food with vitamin B. You’d have to eat a huge variety of foods every single day of the year to make sure you were always hitting your B vitamin goals.

Are you still not convinced that it can be tough to get all your vitamins via just the foods you eat? Consider some of the best advice out there: the Dietitians of Canada. They have a very complicated list of foods to eat to get B vitamins but their complicated list still only covers six of the eight B vitamins.

Are Supplements Better Vitamin B Sources

Now you know how challenging it can be to eat enough foods with vitamin B but are supplements really the answer? The Mayo Clinic has a long list of people they feel should generally get a nutritional boost from regular supplements. They include:

  • Women who are trying to get pregnant – or who may get pregnant – should be sure to get 400 mg of folic acid from either fortified foods or nutritional supplements. This is in addition to the foods they eat that naturally contain folate.
  • Pregnant women need a prenatal vitamin. It likely contains extra iron as well as various B vitamins.
  • People 50 years old or older need to either eat foods that have been fortified with B12, like cereals, or they need to take a supplement. This is because certain B vitamins can be harder for older people to absorb naturally.
  • People who are 65 years of age or older and who aren’t living in a nursing home or assisted living facility should take extra vitamin D to help reduce the chance that they’ll fall.
  • People who don’t have a balanced diet.
  • People who eat fewer than 1,600 calories per day. While it’s not recommended to live on such a low number of calories, anyone who does should be taking a complete multivitamin.

Vitamin B Capsules and Pills

  • People who aren’t eating at least two servings of fish per week. In fact, experts recommend at least three servings per week but if you can’t eat at least two then you should be taking a fish oil supplement.
  • Women who have heavy bleeding during their menstrual periods should take extra B vitamins and iron. Both will help prevent her from becoming anemic, a condition that can have serious consequences.
  • Anyone who has a health condition that prevents their bodies from absorbing or using nutrients as well as it could. This includes:
    • Chronic diarrhea
    • Food intolerances including gluten sensitivity
    • Allergies to certain foods
    • Liver disease
    • Diseases affecting the intestines
    • Gallbladder disease
    • Pancreatic disease
  • Anyone who’s had surgery on their digestive tract. Most surgeries on this part of the body can have a significant impact on how well the body is able to digest and absorb nutrients.

You’ll notice that several of these conditions actually have nothing to do with how many nutrient-rich foods a person eats – they have to do with how well a person absorbs nutrients via food. After all, nutrient-rich food with vitamin B only works for you if your body is able to properly absorb it.

Some Startling Facts About Two B Vitamins

According to the University of California Berkeley, somewhere between ten and thirty percent of people 50 years old and older can’t properly digest and / or absorb vitamin B12 from foods. Does this startle you? It startles many people!

Vitamin B12 Sign

Let’s also consider vitamin B9. In its natural form it’s called folate but in its synthetic form it’s called folic acid. According to the National Institutes for Health, folic acid is actually absorbed twice as well when it’s taken via supplement or through fortified foods than the natural folate is absorbed.

This is why pregnant women in particular are advised to get their B9 from a supplement in addition to via regular foods.

The Importance of B Vitamin Supplements for Vegetarians and Vegans

In this day and age a person can be vegetarian and / or vegan and be healthy but it is generally recommended that a supplement be taken. While these veggie lovers tend to get more nutrients than many other Americans, it’s important to understand that plant-based nutrients aren’t always as good.

For example, iron from plant foods is only absorbed about half as well as iron from meats. Vitamin B food that includes B12 is only available as meat protein. As a result, supplements are recommended across the board for vegetarians and / or vegans.

Good Sources of Vitamin B in Supplements

There are many reasons that it makes sense to take a supplement. First and foremost, it’s simply easier. Look again at the list of B vitamins food listed above and imagine having to chart your intake of these eight vitamins every day. For most people, it’s simply not going to happen.

On the other hand, taking a supplement is something you only have to think about once a day. You simply find the best supplement and make it a part of your morning routine. When you put the coffee on to boil, or when you grab your morning yogurt, you simply pop a supplement and you’re covered.

All Kind of Fruits with Vitamin B

What’s The Best B Vitamin Supplement

So you’ve decided that getting enough vitamin B in food is likely not going to work for you. What next? You look for the best supplement on the market. Brain Power Plus B-Complex +C is an excellent choice. Allow us to walk you through the many reasons we’re the right choice.

A Highly Concentrated Option

You need a B complex supplement that’s highly concentrated to support your nervous system and your immune system – plus offer a boost of energy. You only need to take a single tablet of our supplement and you can even take it on an empty stomach. That’s all you need for all the benefits.

A Truly Additive-Free Option

When you choose Brain Power+ you can count on our supplements to be:

  • Non-GMO
  • 100% vegan
  • 100% soy-free
  • 100% gluten-free
  • GMP compliant

This supplement is 100% completely natural made from only vegan sources and with no artificial additives. When you want a high-quality nutritional supplement this is the one you’re looking for. The others use synthetic fillers and GMO ingredients. We never do.

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Trust Our Third-Party Testing

Many companies make big claims about their supplements but we want you to trust that we can back ours up. That’s one of the reasons we have our product tested by a third party. Not only do they test to make sure the quality is up to par but they test for potency too.

When you choose our product you’re not only getting all the B vitamins you need – you’re also getting at least 100% of your daily value of all vitamin sources. While our focus is on providing you with the best possible B vitamin complex, we also offer you all the other nutrients you need.

Are you still not sure if we’re the right product for you? Then consider our risk-free offer. Give us a shot and if you don’t like our product you can return it for a full refund. Even if you’ve opened it. That’s how confident we are that you’re choosing the best product on the market.

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