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Ginkgo Biloba Benefits and the Benefits of Our Other Ingredients

There are a lot of reasons that our Brain Boost Formula is an incredible choice for anyone who’s serious about improving their memory, clarity, and performance. Read on to discover the benefits of ginkgo biloba and our other ingredients.

Ginkgo Biloba Benefits

According to the Mayo Clinic, the benefits of gingko biloba are many. The various uses that they’ve determined it can be successful with good scientific evidence include:

  • Insufficient blood flow to the brain – Research has shown that gingko biloba can be effective in treating cerebral insufficiency, otherwise known as insufficient blood flow to the brain. This can improve concentration, confusion, fatigue, headaches, depression, and anxiety.
  • Dementia – Gingko biloba has also been proven successful in improving cognitive performance and to protect people from getting Alzheimer’s.
  • Anxiety disorders – People with GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) can see an improvement in their disorder when taking gingko biloba.
  • Schizophrenia – Research has shown that, when used in conjunction with antipsychotics, gingko biloba provides benefits for people who’ve been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

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In short: the list of ginkgo biloba benefits is long and impressive.

Glutamine Benefits

The glutamine benefits are just as – if not more – impressive than the benefits of gingko biloba. They include:

  • Helping with protein synthesis – When you take glutamine, your muscles can be protected from catabolization – which is essentially when your muscles are eaten up in favor of providing glutamine for other cells in the body.
  • Maintaining cell volume – Not only can glutamine help maintain cell volume, but they can help with cell hydration too. This speeds up the healing process for burns and wounds.
  • Product growth hormone levels – According to one study, two grams of L-Glutamine taken regularly helped increase growth hormones by more than 400%.
  • Boosting the immune system – People who exercise regularly can have seriously depleted glutamine levels. Why is this important? Because glutamine is the main energy source for the immune system.
  • Boosting intestinal health – Glutamine is also one of the most essential nutrients for intestine health. It can repair leaky guts by ensuring the structural integrity of your bowels.
  • Curing ulcers – According to one study, taking just 1.6 grams of glutamine per day can have up to a 92% cure rate in just four weeks.

L Carnitine Benefits

According to Dr. Julian Whitaker, the L Acetyl Carnitine benefits are many but there are two main ones to pay attention to: improving energy and supporting healthy aging. Note that carnitine is an amino acid and is concentrated in the organs that are most metabolically active:

  • The brain
  • The heart
  • Your muscles

The main job of L Carnitine is to move fatty acids into your mitochondria where they are then burned to give you energy.

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People who are young and healthy typically produce enough carnitine to meet their basic needs, but there are numerous conditions that can lead to not enough carnitine in the system:

  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Certain genetic defects
  • Certain prescription drugs
  • Cancer
  • Advancing age

Since mitochondrial decline is one of the main issues that leads to energy drain that comes with aging, adding carnitine to your diet can help boost energy. That’s why a deficiency in it is linked to fatigue, increase in body fat, slowness both mentally and physically, and even loss of muscle mass.

L Glutamine Benefits

The National Institutes of Health have identified ten main L Glutamine benefits.

  1. Improving the health of the GI tract.
  2. Helping to heal ulcers.
  3. Helping with focus, memory, and concentration.
  4. Improving IBS by balancing the production of mucus.
  5. Boosting muscle growth while reducing muscle wasting.
  6. Boosting athletic performance and recovery.
  7. Boosting the metabolism.
  8. Helping to stop cravings for both sugar and alcohol.
  9. Fighting cancer.
  10. Improving blood sugar levels for diabetics.

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Phosphatidylserine Benefits

Phosphatidylserine is a chemical that the body is capable of making on its own but most of the chemical we get comes from foods or supplements. Getting phosphatidylserine benefits from supplements used to be difficult for be vegetarians but it’s now made from plant sources instead of animal sources.

Some of the phosphatidylserine benefits include:

  • Help with Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Improvement in age-related decline in mental function.
  • Boosting thinking skills for people of all ages.
  • Treating ADHD.
  • Improving mild or moderate depression.
  • Reducing the chance of exercise-related stress.
  • Boosting athletic performance.

Vinpocetine Benefits

Vinpocetine benefits are interesting. This is a supplement that many people believe helps increase blood flow to the brain. As a result, it’s used for things like boosting memory and help to prevent Alzheimer’s. It’s also used to help prevent and / or lower the chance of disability caused by ischemic stroke.

Vinpocetine benefits have led to it being used for many other uses, including:

  • Treatment for various symptoms of menopause.
  • Treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome, better known as CFS.
  • Treatment for seizure disorders.
  • Prevention of motion sickness.

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St. John’s Wort Benefits

The list of St. John’s Wort benefits is very long. It’s most widely used as anti-depressant. In fact, it’s been used in this way for decades. However, the St. John’s Wort benefits don’t stop there. It’s also used for the following purposes, amongst others:

  • Treating other mental disorders – Though it’s best known as a treatment for depression, St. John’s Wort has also been used to treat mental disorders including anxiety, mood swings, insomnia, irritability, and fatigue.
  • Mood swings related to menopause – One of the St. John’s Wort benefits is that it can be used to treat the symptoms of both menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome. It can reduce anxiety and mood swings in menopausal women and reduce cramping during PMS.
  • Helping with the withdrawal that comes with addiction – The evidence is still being worked on, but early reports are that it can be helpful in reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms for people trying to quit cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.
  • Working as an antiviral agent – John’s Wort has been shown to help prevent or reduce the risk of contracting AIDS, hepatitis and other viral disorders.
  • Balancing hormonal levels – Hypothyroidism is one of the most frequently diagnosed thyroid disorders and one of the St. John’s Wort benefits is that it’s been shown to reduce that disorder’s symptoms.
  • As an anti-inflammatory agent – St. John’s Wort is soothing and has a lot of antioxidants. As a result, it’s a great anti-inflammatory agent for arthritis, gout, muscle aches, and joint issues. It can also help reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system.

Bacopin Monnier Benefits

There’s a long list of Bacopin Monnier benefits. This plant, also known as Brahmi, is known as adaptogen. What does this mean? Simply put, it helps your body adapt to new and / or stressful situations. Some other benefits include:

Bacopa Monnieri Herb

  • Brain support – Brain degradation can happen as people age but the active parts of Bacopin Monnier, which are known as bacosides, have been tested for their ability to positively influence brain cells to regenerate brain tissue.
  • Protect the health of your liver – The brain isn’t the only part of your body that can benefit from the healthy compounds in Brahmi. It can actually encourage liver function for better detoxifying.
  • Protecting against neonatal hypoglycemia – Some studies have found that this plant can help protect the brains of newborns against hypoglycemia-caused brain damage. As is true of any supplement, discuss this with your doctor before taking it while breast feeding.
  • Help with opioid dependence – It’s no secret that doctors often overprescribe pain killers and that these pain killers can be very addictive. The good news is that this plant can actually reduce the chance of opioid addiction by protecting organs affected by opiate toxicity.
  • Fight redness and swelling – Redness and swelling can be caused by virtually any type of illness or allergy. The most dangerous spot for this is the brain. Brahmi can actually help prevent this by controlling the body’s autoimmune system to certain causes in redness and swelling.
  • Regulate blood pressure – Researchers have found that Brahmi can increase the amount of nitric oxide the body uses, which encourages vascular muscle function. Together, these two facts mean a better chance at a normal blood pressure.
  • Antioxidant properties – There’s no such thing as too much antioxidant activity and Brahmi is a great antioxidant. It can help protect against oxidative damage – which is essentially a type of damage to cells that’s caused by free radicals. It’s especially successful in the kidneys.

Do You Want the Benefits of All of These Ingredients

Getting all these ingredients in a single supplement may seem challenging but Brain Boost Formula has managed it. You’ll get a ton of incredible ingredients with a lot of excellent benefits. This product is 100% vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Virtually anyone can take it and see great results.

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