Our omega-3 fish oil is a 100% wild Chilean Anchovy derived oil that is processed in our 3 year old, state of the art facility located in the same harbor as the fisheries to ensure the maximum level of freshness. After being molecularly distilled, purified, and deodorized it is then shipped to our GMP certified manufacturing facility in New Jersey to be encapsulated, bottled, labeled, and shipped to your doorstep. Our cutting edge purification process produces a final product with heavy metals and contaminants such as Mercury that fall below detection limits.

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1500 mg Omega-3 Fatty acids

Consisting of 1500 mg of Omega-3 per serving our fish oil is one of the most highly concentrated Omega-3 products on the market

800 mg EPA

Maintaining high levels of EPA has been shown to help lower the risk of developing and worsening cognitive decline and dementia. EPA has also been fund to help with childhood behavior and academic perormance, as well as focus, attention, reducing aggression, dry skin conditions, asthma, allergies, inflammation, and much more jint pain.

600 mg DHA

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is essential for supporting the growth and functional development of the brain in infants as well as maintenance of normal brain function in adults. The inclusion of plentiful DHA in the diet supports learning ability, whereas deficiencies of DHA are associated with deficits in learning.

100 mg Other Omega-3 Fatty acids Include

C 18:3 n3 ALA – Alpha-Linolenic acid

C 18:4 n-3 SDA – Stearidonic acid

C 20:4 n-3 ETA – Eicosatetraenoic acid

C 21:5 n-3 HTA – Heneicosaentaenoic acid

C 22:4 n-3 DPA – Docosaheptaenoic acid


100% Derived from Wild Anchovies

Wild anchovies have a very short life span and are therefore is less likely to accumulate mercury or other heavy metals compared to other species making it the perfect candidate to ensure the lowest possible levels of contamination before even being molecularly distilled and refined.

Molecularly Distilled

Molecular distillation of fish oil produces ultra-pure, refined oil with virtually zero contaminants. The state of the art molecular distillation process involves separating the long chain omega 3 fatty acids from contaminants in an extreme vacuum environment at a temperature well below the oil’s normal boiling point, then isolating the omega 3 fatty acids utilizing molecular weights which to extract unwanted contaminants such as the heavy metal mercury. The final process is where distilled fatty acids are recovered to produce a concentrated omega 3 product.


By passing hot steam through the oil to collect and remove much of that overwhelmingly potent fish smell, we have effectively addressed the root of the burpy aftertaste problem the right way. Instead of adding all kinds of un-natural additives to cover up the fishy by-product of a cheap un-refined fish oil like many of our competitors, we have taken the refinement process further in order to maintain a pure and natural fish oil.

Heavy Metals and Contaminants Fall Below Detection Limits

After going through our state of the art purification process the Mercury and other heavy metal concentration and contaminant concentrations fall below detection limits

Third Party Tested

All batches are third party tested by lot number to ensure purity and potency before even being encapsulated.


Highly Recommend! No fishy aftertaste!

I am very impressed. Usually potent fish oil pills are quite smelly and even with the supposed “anti fish-burp”, most still have that problem. So far, I haven’t had the slightest problem with these. They are shaped very well, go down smooth and no fishy after taste, in fact, these have the least after taste of the dozen or so different brands I’ve tried.


Amazon Review

Great. I give it 5 stars.

I don’t want to ever run out of Brain Power Omega 3 Fish Oil. It keeps me from being unforgetful , lessons my anxiety and I am not as high strung. I am “blaming” the reason I am losing weight is because of taking it, which is great. I give it 5 stars.


Amazon Review

Thank goodness for good products!

Great product. No smell, no burping, it just slides down your mouth so easily. I am shocked because after taking this supplement for three weeks I have actually had 3 different new experiences of being able to recall something that I know wouldn’t have happened before. I am excited and hopeful because I suffer from short term memory and with THIS HIGH DOSE FISH OIL I hope to continue to get better and better.

Sherrie Lynn

Amazon Review

Just Awesome

Fantastic product! I was looking for fish oil caps with high EPA/ DHA and stumbled upon these during my search on Amazon. The reviews seem great and boy! they are spot on. I am on my second week with these pills. These have definitely helped me with memory foginess issues and my joint pains. I can now remember where I put stuff and my joints are less sore after gruelling gym session. I will definitely come back for more as soon as my bottle finishes.

Anirban Banerjee

Amazon Review


1. Why is it so inexpensive?

Our goal at Brain Power Plus is to offer high quality supplements at an affordable price to the average consumer that cant afford overly priced supplements. Luckily for us, the direct to consumer online business model allows us to do just that.

2. How many softgels should I take?

The recommended daily dose is two softgels for preventative maintenance of the mind and body. Some sources recommend 2-4 grams of EPA+DHA (3-5 softgels) a day for a more therapeutic dose. It is always smart to consult with your doctor before increasing consumption beyond the recommended dose.

3. Can I take more than two a day?

Yes, but if you plan on taking more than two a day we recommend you consult your doctor before doing so.

4. Are they safe for children?

Please consult your doctor.

5. Why don’t I feel like they’re making me smarter?

Fish oil has many cognitive support properties and omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain function and development but this does not necessarily mean you are going to feel immediate or noticeable results. Most people use fish oil for long term well-being and preventative measures.

6. What is your return policy?

At Brain Power Plus we have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you decide to try any of our products and are not happy we will be glad to issue a return. Buyer pays return shipping.