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Everything You Need to Know About Fish Oil: The Benefits, Effects, and More

So you’re interested in trying fish oil. We know you probably have questions about how it’s made, what its benefits really are, what effects it has on your body and brain, and why Brain Power+ offers the best fish oil on the market. Keep reading and get answers to all these questions and more!

Fish Oil Pills Can Help Balance Your Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fats

A lot of the health problems you see in American can be traced to not having enough omega-3 fats to balance out omega-6 fats. Omega-6s aren’t bad for you in and of themselves, but if you eat too many of them without omega-3 fats, inflammation can occur – which leads to numerous chronic conditions.

Of course, fish oil is one of the best sources of omega-3s you can find anywhere. According to the National Institutes of Health, a healthy ratio is two omega-6 fats for every one omega-3 fat you consume. The national average is much worse: 20 omega-6s for every omega-3.

Sign of Omega 3 Capsules

The biggest reason people don’t have enough omega-3s and have too many omega-6s is because they have too many fried foods, processed boxed foods, and fast foods. Some veggie oils, like soybean, canola, cottonseed, and corn, can also increase this imbalance.

Having an imbalance can cause or worsen a number of symptoms including:

  • Autoimmune disease
  • Type II diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Metabolic syndromes
  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • IBS
  • Macular degeneration

Fish Oil Capsules on Pile

Fish oil supplements can go a long way toward improving your balance and can help keep you healthy.

10 Huge Fish Oil Benefits

There are literally entire textbooks on the benefits of fish oil, but we’ve come up with what we think are the ten most impressive benefits.

Reducing Symptoms of ADHD

According to the University of South Australia, combining primrose oil and fish oil can reduce inattention, restlessness, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior for people with ADHD. It has been shown most effective when taken by children between 8 and 12 years old.

Several studies have shown that ADHD is most effectively treated by fish oil in conjunction with other treatment methods – not instead of. For example, if your doctor has prescribed a certain medication then you’ll likely need to continue taking it but fish oil can boost the results you get.

Reducing Anxiety

The European Journal of Neuroscience did a study that showed that rats with anxiety and depression were effectively cured by getting fish oil supplements. Though no scientific research has been published on this topic, the evidence in rats is interesting for future treatment.

Woman Holding Her Head

Anecdotal evidence shows several things. First, it’s important to understand what anxiety is. It’s not actually feel frightened and scared all the time. It’s essentially the brain acting incorrectly at its most core level.

Remember that the brain is constantly scanning for two things: threats and opportunities. When a person has anxiety, their brain is seeing many, many things in a person’s life as threats. They are acting at a base level that they can’t simply think themselves out of.

So how does fish oil help? It can help to relax the brain and prevent these types of thoughts from taking over. It doesn’t generally work in a single shot. That is, taking it once won’t have an immediate effect, but over time it can reduce anxiety symptoms for some.

Reducing Arthritis

An 18-month long study with patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis showed that taking fish oil daily led to a significant reduction in their disease. While there haven’t been any studies that have shown it can prevent it, reducing the symptoms is good enough for many.

This can be a huge deal because, as people dealing with rheumatoid arthritis know, dealing with the situation over years can cause bone erosion and joint deformity. This is caused by prolonged exposure to inflammation – which fish oil may be able to prevent.

Woman Holding Her Pain Hand

Preventing Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published an interesting study in which they showed that the fatty acids in fish oil were essential for brain function in everyone, but especially in patients with Alzheimer’s.

Those who took it showed slower cognitive decline and it even showed that brain atrophy could be prevented.  There are several new options on the market for people with Alzheimer’s but many require special trials and take years to work. Fish oil can be an almost immediate solution to some issues.

Helping to Prevent and Fight Cancer

The American Institute for Cancer Research has found ample evidence that fish oil not only helps prevent some cancers but can actively fight prostate, breast, and colon cancer. It helps on its own but it also works to boost the effectiveness of other treatments.

Of course, many cancers are caused by – or sped up by – a diet that’s high in fat and cholesterol. Balancing out those unhealthy fats with healthy Omega-3s has a positive health consequence and can have a significant impact on the chances of certain disease.

Treating Depression

According to Dr. Andrew Weil, up to a 40% reduction in major depression symptoms was shown when adolescents used fish oil. Note that the major symptoms of depression including lethargy, sleeping issues, difficulty concentrating, and a loss of interest in things that used to be of interest.

Oil Fish Capsule in Hand

These are significant, serious symptoms that can make a person’s life virtually unlivable. The idea that fish oil can help reduce these symptoms and work in conjunction with medications is exciting to many people who suffer from these issues.

Reducing The Risk of Diabetes

The University of Maryland Medical Center has published a study that shows fish oil can be very beneficial to those with diabetes. Not only does it help prevent cognitive deficit, but it can actually work on oxidative stress, which is one of the root causes of Type II Diabetes.

Keep in mind that more than three million people have Type II Diabetes in the United States alone. The most common symptoms include increased thirst, hunger, tiredness, blurred vision, and increased urination. Note that it does require medical testing for a person to be properly diagnosed.

Many people don’t realize just how serious Type II Diabetes can be. It can lead to kidney failure that requires kidney transplants or even leads to death. It can cause cataracts in the eye that make it difficult or impossible to see.

Reverse Dry Eye and Other Age-Related Eye Disorders

There’s plenty of evidence that taking fish oil can actually help reverse dry eye that come with age and other age-related disorders. The most promising result is the work fish oil can do to prevent cataracts in people of all ages.

Woman Dry Eye

Preventing or Reversing Cardiovascular Diseases

The American Heart Association has published many studies that show that the fatty acids in fish oil have significant anti-inflammatory properties, which can help both prevent and reverse many different types of cardiovascular diseases.

To get an idea of how serious cardiovascular disease is, consider this: it’s the number one killer worldwide. Put another way, more people die of cardiovascular disease than anything else. Taking a simple supplement can reduce your chances.

Boosting the Immune System

While anyone considering adding any supplement should consult with their doctor to see if there are interactions with their current medications, medical professionals are increasingly finding the benefits of fish oil pills to include improved immune systems for individuals with a wide range of disorders.

How Are Fish Oil Capsules Made

In addition to wondering, “What are the benefits of fish oil?” many people wonder how fish oil is made. It’s actually a multi-step process.

Holding Fish Oil Capsule With Clamps

  1. Raw fish goes into a processing plant, is cut into pieces, and is cooked via steam.
  2. The cooked fish is pressed to separate the liquids and the solids.
  3. The solids are then processed into fish meal which is typically used for animal food.
  4. The liquid, which contains the fish fat and water, is processed to separate the oil from the water.
  5. The separated water is put into the fish meal.
  6. The separated oil goes through a process called polishing that removes impurities.
  7. The last stage is adding antioxidants and additional vitamins.

Fish oil can be made from a number of different types of fish including:

  • Sardines
  • Anchovies
  • Salmon
  • Tuna
  • Mackerel

What are Fish Oil Side Effects

Fish oil is safe for virtually everyone but there are a few people who shouldn’t take it:

Woman Putting Fish Oil Capsule in Mouth

  • People with liver disease.
  • People who are allergic to seafood and / or fish.
  • People with bipolar disorder.
  • People with implantable defibrillators.

The list of possible side effects fish oil include:

  • This can happen right after the pills or ingested and can last for hours. Many people aren’t as worried about the actual burping but have serious issues the bad-smelling burps that can occur. Luckily, not all fish oils give you burps.
  • Bad breath. As you may imagine, many people experience breath that smells like fish. As with burping, it can be quite unpleasant and can actually keep some people from using it. The good news is that not all fish oils give you bad breath.
  • Often the things you’re treating with fish oil also cause heartburn so it’s not always clear if the fish oil is the direct cause.
  • Some people have trouble adjusting to the fish oil. Most people don’t experience but diarrhea but of those who do, often simply continuing the dosage and waiting for your body to adjust will put an end to it.
  • Fish oil works as a blood thinner. As with all blood thinners, there is an increased chance of nosebleed and those nosebleeds can seem severe due to the body’s reduced ability to product blood clots.
  • Few people are allergic to fish oil. Those who are can experience rashes. This is true of virtually anything you ingest orally.
  • Once again, this is a very rare side effect but is a possibility. Some people need to get used to the oil and then this side effect will pass.

Woman Scratching Her Hand

These fish oil side effects are rare and in most cases, people find that the benefits of taking fish oil outweigh them. It’s also worth noting that what many people consider to be the worst side effect – bad breath – can be prevented by taking the right fish oil supplement.

What’s The Best Fish Oil

Of course, your next question is likely: what’s the best fish oil supplement? BrainPower+ offers an Omega 3 Fish Oil that contains everything you want in a fish oil supplement and none of the things you don’t want. Let’s dig deeper to find out why this is considered by many to be the best fish oil.

This Fish Oil is Always Fresh

Freshness is important. After all, just think about eating fish. Do you want it to be fresh? Would you eat old fish? Of course not. Not only would it be unsafe, but the taste is significantly impacted by just a few days of natural aging.

BrainPower+ ensures only the freshest fish oil by using fish right off the coast of Chile and then refining it, barreling it, and shipping it right from the same location. Because the process is so streamlined, the resulting fish oil is as fresh as you’ll ever find.

You may be wondering though: is it really that important that the fish oil is fresh? Plenty of our competitors would say no but we disagree. Studies have shown that meat and veggies canned, processed, or eaten within two days have many more health benefits than those that aren’t.

Brain Power Fish Oil Capsules


Our Fish Oil is Very Refined

We use anchovies for our fish oil, which are very small fish with very short life spans. They’re very low on the food chain – which is great for consumers because it means they have virtually no exposure to pollutants – and then we further purify them for even more peace of mind.

We take our oil and distill it at the molecular level. This ensures that it’s as potent, pure, and deodorized as possible. When the process is complete, the resulting oil is below even the strictest detection limits for contaminants and heavy metals. In short: it’s as pure as you’ll find.

The end product you get has been tested over and over again. The fish is tested, the oil is tested, and capsules are tested. We know you want only the most refined, potent product, and at Brain Power + that’s what we aim to give you with every one of our products.

The Best Fish Oil Doesn’t Have a Fishy After Taste

Many people wondering is fish oil is good for you end up deciding against trying it because they hear about the fishy aftertaste and assume that all capsules have it. The truth is that we have found a way to prevent the disadvantages of this unpleasant odor and taste.

Lined Fish Oil Capsules Like Fish

How do we do it? We pass hot steam through the oil. The hot steam collects the fish smell and removes it. By using this high-tech process, we’ve taken that fishy, burpy aftertaste by the horns and have solved it in a clean, clear, simple way.

Other companies may add all sorts of additives to cover up the fishy smell. We don’t believe that’s how you get the best fish oil. We don’t like unnatural additives and we know many of our customers don’t either. Besides, additives don’t get rid of the smell and aftertaste – they just cover it up.

Trust Expert Recommendations

Of course there are plenty of people and companies who will tell you they’ve found the best possible fish oil on the market. You don’t have to take our word for it. We put our fish oil through very rigorous lab testing. What were the results? They were impressive!

More than 50 doctors across the U.S., after looking at our research and independent testing, recommend Brain Power Plus fish oil capsules over every other brand sold in the U.S. In fact, our formula was created by both doctors and scientists to ensure it’s both potent and high-quality.

There are plenty of other fish oils on the market and every one can come up with seemingly convincing reasons that you should use theirs. But is any of their evidence from third parties? We didn’t convince these doctors to recommend us. We simply gave them the evidence and they were impressed.

Doctor Holding Fish Oil Capsule

You Can Try It Without a Speck of Risk

Is this the best fish oil for you? Does it really stand up to your high expectations? When you choose to shop with Brain Power+ you don’t have to worry that you’ll get a product that is hyped beyond what it can offer.

Why? Because we give you a risk-free trial. Give it a shot and if you don’t like it, all you have to do is return it. We’ll give you a full refund – even if you’ve already opened it and tried it. After all, how can you know if you like it until you’ve given it a try?

Affordability is An Important Aspect

You do want high quality fish oil but you also want an affordable price. We’ve got you covered. This product is offered at everyday low prices but we also have special offers and product promotions. For example, if you buy multiple bottles at once you can save up to 20%!

We feel confident that once you see the benefits of our fish oil supplements, you’re going to come back for more and more. We understand that you may want to start with a single bottle to make sure it’s the right choice for you but we welcome you to come back and save money on a multi-bottle purchase.

Fish Oil Dosage

The right fish oil dosage depends on numerous factors including age, how much EPA and DHA you get in your regular diet, and what you’re taking it for. For general health, it’s best to get around 250 mg of combined DHA and EPA.

Fish Oil Capsules in Wooden Spoon

The American Heart Association recommends that Americans get a full gram every day. Certain ailments may require a higher dosage. For example, if you’re taking fish oil supplements to reduce soreness, then you may take six grams total per day – though it should be spread out throughout the day.

Are You Ready to Try Fish Oil

The cold, hard truth is that most people don’t eat enough fish. The Harvard School of Public Health recommends that adults get at least 12 ounces of fish per week. That’s about three servings. It may not sound like much on the surface but how many people do you know who really eat that much?

Many people have the best intentions. They say they’ll start upping their fish consumption but there are many reasons they don’t:

  • Fish can be expensive. Not everyone can afford numerous servings of fish per week – especially those with larger families.
  • Fish can be challenging to cook. Many families simply want to come home from work and whip up a quick meal that will hold for family members who won’t get home until later in the evening.
  • It can be difficult to trust fish sources. Many people understandably worry about mercury and other unhealthy minerals in their fish. The great thing about fish oil is that you know where it’s coming from and you can ensure it’s a source without these concerns.

We look forward to you trying our product. Remember that you have zero risk in doing so. Just give it a shot and if you aren’t happy with it, if it hasn’t met your expectations, or if it doesn’t agree with you for any reasons, just return it for a full refund. There is no risk in trying this supplement that many consider to be pretty close to being a miracle!

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