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The Importance Of Daily Exercise

The importance of daily exercise has been engraved in our heads since we were young. However, do you really know what exercise can work for you? We should also take into account how we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who would walk several miles in search of food and shelter.

Our bodies are designed to be regularly active. Over time, people are likely to develop several problems if they sit down in front of the computer or TV for several hours. Here are a few key benefits of exercise that will compel you to move around more often:

Boosts Brain

Exercise helps you lose weight and shed a few extra pounds but did you know it also boosts brainpower? Here’s the thing, a 30-minute cardio session sends pumps blood to your brain while transporting the amount of oxygen and nutrients it needs to perform at maximum efficiency.

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Additionally, cardio also enriches the brain with chemicals that boosts functions such as problem solving, memory and decision making. Research has proven how cardiovascular health is significantly important for improving and preserving memory and learning. So basically, you are working out your brain at the same time as your heart.

Exercising also promotes the release of brain hormones or chemicals that are responsible for the production of cells residing in the hippocampus. The hippocampus is an important part of the brain that is responsible for controlling memory and learning. The increased cell production in turn, promotes cognitive abilities and boosts concentration level. All this reduces the risks of cognitive degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s.

Boosts Confidence

While it is obvious that exercise can improve your appearance, which in turn boosts confidence, there is a lot more to it. If you are working out at the gym or with your friends, exercise helps you feel more social and accomplished.

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Even if you are not able to see immediate results or changes in your body, all that effort you are putting in boosts self-esteem. In the long run, a tiny bit of confidence is all you need to land yourself the perfect job and make the right connections.

Boosts Energy Levels

Do you often feel lazy and lethargic? Well, you better get a move on because exercise helps fight off fatigue. Unfortunately, we live in a society where people rely on energy bars and sports drinks to give them an extra edge to get through the day. However, lacing up your running shoes in the morning and indulging in some physical activity is the best way to power up that spark of energy you need in your life.

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Several studies have proved that sedentary people who engage in regular physical activity experience increased energy levels. The average effect of exercise has said to be in some cases greater than using stimulant medications.

Eases Symptoms of Anxiety And Depression

When you are upset or have anxiety, exercise is probably the last thing on your to-do list. However, once you get motivated, exercise can make a significant difference. Exercise curbs a number of health related problems including arthritis, blood pressure and diabetes. Exercising releases a number of feel-good chemicals (endorphins, neurotransmitters), which ease the symptoms of depression.

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Several researches of exercise and anxiety have shown that exercising offers numerous physical and psychological benefits that improves mood. Additionally, exercise works as a healthy distraction that prevents you from the cycle of negative thoughts that feeds depression and anxiety, enabling you to live a healthy and happy life.

Boosts Your Immunity

Are you susceptible to regular cough and cold? Well perhaps you should start exercising more often. Regular physical activity reduces the chances of developing heart diseases and strengthens the bones, keeping them strong and healthy. Try to fit in a daily 30-minute walk in your schedule to aid your immune system fight off infections.

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Additionally, exercising helps you sleep better and boost the production of feel-good chemicals. Both of which when combined, significantly improves your immune system.

Plus, exercising improves the body’s ability to pump oxygen and nutrients around the body, giving it the strength to ward off bacteria and viruses.

Manages Stress

Do you have a stressful routine that impacts your overall health? You should get some exercise. Virtually, any form of exercise from running to yoga, can act as a stress reliever. A little bit of exercise can go a long way toward helping you manages stress.

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Regular exercise increases self confidence that relaxes you, lowering symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Plus, a fast paced-game of tennis or racquetball can help you forget all your worries for the day and concentrate on your body’s movement.

Improves Sleep

Unfortunately, millions of people suffer from sleeping problems and resort to sleeping pills or prescriptions to get a good night’s sleep. However, research indicates that aerobic exercise might be better than any prescription as far as insomnia is concerned. Aerobic exercises successfully improve mood, vitality and your quality of sleep, helping you shape a healthier lifestyle.

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Apart from aerobic exercise, you can opt for any other form of activity to keep you charged. The best time to work out is during the afternoon or in the morning. Exercising too close to bedtime may have the opposite effect on your sleep cycle.

So you see daily exercise is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise helps you maintain a healthy weight by boosting the metabolism rate. A faster metabolism allows the body to burn more calories even when you are not exercising. This allows you to lose more weight, sleep better and look better physically which also boosts your self-esteem.

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