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Brain Power Plus was founded on passion. Passion for health,reliability, affordability, quality, and outstanding customer service..... but that's just the start.

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My name is Doug Daly, Founder and CEO of Brain Power Plus.

At an early age I was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall to help me concentrate in school. It helped initially, but as I grew older and more mature I started to realize how much I couldn't stand it. The side effects were horrible, I was anti-social when I was on it, and I really started to feel like it was holding me back from being myself.

Long story short, I needed to find a better answer. After much trial and error I stumbled upon a combination of supplements that helped me finally kick it to the curb, but one of the biggest issues I had (a college student at the time) was finding high quality supplements at a reasonable price, and that issue ended up leading to the birth of Brain Power Plus.

My initial mission was to just bring this combination of cognitive, mood, and energy enhancing supplements to the world at a more affordable price without sacrificing quality - which quickly grew into something much larger. A huge part of me has always wanted to build something that helps people in a more meaningful way than just high quality, affordable supplements. Something that actually stands for a good cause and makes a long term positive impact on the world we live in. So, that is exactly what we as a company plan to do.

By starting our own non-profit organization, and contributing a portion of all sales to it - we have put together a plan to inspire, educate, and provide the tools our less fortunate and homeless populations need to develop a positive mindset, recognize their worth, and become the best possible versions of themselves.

At the end of the day, we are all one big family and each one of us has the potential to do and be great. By paying it forward and providing the tools, education, and inspiration for the ones that may find greatness hard to conceive - we believe we can make a positive impact on the overall well-being of our family and planet as a whole. After all, we are Brain Power Plus, so helping to improve the mindset of those who need it most is a "no brainer". (:

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We Believe in Trust and Transparency

At Brain Power Plus it is our goal to be as transparent as possible so by the time you’re ready to make a purchase you have full confidence that you’re making the right decision. Let’s be honest, what you put into your body matters, and we believe you have the right to know exactly what that is. For that reason, we pledge as a company to be upfront about all of our ingredients in all of our products with-out hiding anything on our website, amazon, or labels.

Even though you may believe transparency on labels and websites is the “norm”, unfortunately most companies are hiding more than you’d think.

With us, you can be confidant that you are getting exactly what you think you’re getting.

We Believe in the Long Term Health and Wellness of our Customers

Remember that cliché saying “the customer always comes first”….. Well, unfortunately that isn’t always true these days. Many companies treat their customers as more of a transaction than a person. Cutting costs by selling cheap Chinese products with unknown and untested ingredients has unfortunately become the norm in the supplement industry, and we want to change it.

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At Brain Power Plus, “the customer always comes first” is something that we live by. By only sourcing the highest quality ingredients from well-known sources within the U.S. you can be sure we are invested in your long term health and wellness.

We Believe in Making a “real” Difference

By putting a portion of each sale towards inspiring, educating, and providing the tools our less fortunate and homeless populations need to develop a positive mindset, recognize their worth, and become the best possible versions of themselves you can be sure that your dollar is getting stretched as far as possible in the effort to make a positive impact on the beautiful planet we live on.

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